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Sarosh Arif

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Artist Bio

Sarosh Arif is an American Muslim artist, social entrepreneur and an award-winning educator. In 2011, she founded the philanthropic visual arts company Arneeq, a platform devoted to promoting and nurturing artistic expression and social consciousness. Working with NBC Universal, NY1 News, CAIR-NY, TeachForAmerica and the United Nations over the years, have helped Sarosh grow as an artist. However, the defining experiences in her life and for her art have occurred outside the workplace. Bridging her background in character-development and SEL-based instruction with her passion for the visual arts and the media industry, she bring forth innovative programming for budding artists around the world.

Sarosh’s artwork is an eclectic blend of pieces inspired by modern street art and graffiti and the centuries-old influence of mystic poetry and traditional Islamic calligraphy and design. Currently based in NYC and Istanbul, Sarosh is studying under the direction of a renowned master calligrapher in Istanbul while completing a masters degree in civilization studies. She frequently speaks, teaches workshops and showcases her art in exhibitions throughout the US and Turkey.

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