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Sarosh is a Muslim, Pakistani-American writer, an award-winning teacher, and a Columbia University-educated entrepreneur. She splits her time between New York City and Istanbul writing, teaching, and designing award-winning education programming for Syrian refugees. Having worked with the United Nations, Teach for America, and leading journalism companies around the world, Sarosh uses her experiences to inform her role in the publishing industry, where she is an advocate for marginalized voices, diverse stories, and authentic representation. 

Sarosh’s strengths lie in developmental editing and sensitivity readings. As a mother of an interracial daughter, a daughter of immigrants, and now a neighbor, friend, and teacher to war-fleeing refugees, Sarosh’s specialties as a sensitivity reader are wide-ranging. She reads for:

1) Pakistani-Indian (South Asian/Desi) diaspora identities, culture, and history

2) Middle Eastern and Turkish identities, culture, and history

3) Muslim & Islamic history and experiences

4) interracial relationships, blended families, and multi-cultural homes.

Sarosh is a member of Tessera Editorial and has completed work for major publishers including Sourcebooks, Callisto Media, Page Street Publishing, among others.

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