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The Studio Scoop

Arneeq is a philanthropic visual arts company that is devoted to promoting and nurturing artistic expression and social consciousness. By partnering with charities, non-profits, and individuals including other artists through an initiative called “Calligraphy with a Cause,” Arneeq Designs aims to raise awareness, funds, and spirits through art and exhibitions.
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Art with a Conscience...
My Story...

The art that I create is in honor of my mother who passed away after more than a decade-long  fight  with breast cancer. However, her legacy was more than her illness.  She taught me the most important and beautiful lessons I have ever learned: how to love, live, and believe.

Love, life, and faith are the foundations of my work.

For me, all action, but art specifically is about purpose.


In history, art has always been a reminder for civilizations of the beauty around us and within us. As I walk the cobblestoned streets of Istanbul, I gaze at the magnificence in architecture and complexity in design that embody this ancient city. One can easily be consumed by the majesty of this city and by the impact of countless civilizations on it. However, it reminds me that although too often humanity has proven to be weak and frivolous,  greatness is possible.


It is part of my artistic mission to revive that beauty. For me, art is not just a creative outlet or a way to express myself. It is a way to celebrate life in all its intricacies. It is a way to  inspire, to heal, and to remember.

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Music. Courtesy of The Raskol Khan

 Arneeq Showcases...



Turning Point's: Muslim Women Moving Mountains Art Workshop & Exhibition (April 2014)


Princeton University: Muslim Life Program Mawlid (February 2014)


MWB: The Souls Left Behind Fundraiser, Rutgers University (April 2013)


Columbia University Fast-a-thon: The NFL Fasts for Mynamar (April 2013)


Interfaith Arts Gala (March 2013)


NYU POLY MSA Islamic Art Night (March 2013)


NCPCF & MLFA Fundraiser w/ Tariq Ramadan (February 2013)


Princeton University Mawlid: “Celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Life & Legacy” (February 2013)


CAIR-CT Fundraiser (December 2012)

Art & Social Justice: The Power of Words in partnership with Women in Islam and The Schomberg Center for  for Research inBlack Culture (December 2012)


Al-Shifa fundraiser (September 2012)

MSA United for Africa Fundraiser NJ (October 2012)

SCC: Barnard Student Art Exhibition (October 2012)

Columbia Muslim Students Association Open-Mic Night:  “Art, Faith, and Social Justice” (February 2012)



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